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Grant Calder

I've done Olympus twice this winter (Tollcats Canyon to South Summit) Jan/Feb 2017 and had a great experience both times. Was surprised how many people on the lower trail, but when the trail starts to get snowpacked (depending on time of season and recent weather) the crowds thin out and only those with spikes of some sort can make it up. And beware of parking in the designated lot, especially before light or after dark. Sadly there are lots of break-ins there. I always park on Wasatch Boulevard below to avoid an problems If you are thinking of giving it a try, do it! I far, FAR prefer Olympus in the winter rather than warmer months. The views to the south of Twin Peaks, Lone Peak, Pfeifferhorn, and others are spectacular in the winter. Just remember to bring some sort of trail spikes. Gaiters will also make it much better if there's recent snow.