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Leaves bigger than your head!

This is a great secluded campground, especially beautiful in the fall where the leaves are red and golden. Not crowded in the least bit, but better visit quick, that's certain to change quickly.

Easy Sunrise Views

This is particularly gorgeous in the winter with easy trails to follow and stunning views all throughout the hike. With only 1.8 miles of trekking it's a quick and easy and tons of fun with snow shoes or crampons.

Just keep hiking

Havasu Falls is great, as is Mooney, but if you push yourself just a bit further and explore Beaver Falls, you won't be disappointed. The terrain shifts a bit and the cascading waterfalls seem never ending. If you're a photographer, it will seem like heaven for you. It will seem as if every corner you turn becomes an even better "wow" moment.

Bucket List Worthy!

This is a great hike, worthy of your bucket list. It's also fairly easy to attain. Hiking down is most definitely the best way to experience everything this adventure has to offer, but taking the 5 minute helicopter ride is ok too. There really isn't any combination of words that exist that can describe just how special this place is. It's unlike any other place in Arizona and very few places in the world can compare to the beauty that resides here. Havasupai is gaining more and more popularity, so I highly recommend planning your trip during the week, finding a free weekend to explore this area will be difficult and if you are able to get a permit, you will be with hundreds of other people. It's a completely different experience when you're sitting in the blue pools of water by yourself, hypnotized by the power of the waterfalls.

Desolate playground

This is definitely a must see if you're in the Death Valley region. A bit out of the way with the 4x4 trek, but that's also part of the adventure. There is a dry campground just outside the playa if you're wanting a "home" close by. Night time photography is priceless if you plan it when the moon is out of sight.


This was a great campground, not too busy with tons of hikes easily accessible.