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Germany Urach Waterfall

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A short trip in the Swabian Alps full of pure natural beauty and refreshing water. Expandable with additional destinations.

The tour starts at the little parking area number 19 at an altitude of 463 meters / 1519 feet - (most people say you should start from number 23 but from there the tour is shorter, flat and not that interesting) - which is right next to the B28 on the opposite of Seltbachstraße. There are many other starting points for a hike to Urach Waterfal but starting at this point gives you a little longer tour and many different directions, so that you don’t necessarily have to follow my route.

Anyway, from the parking area you go right and then take the path to your right again (the one that goes up pretty steep). Follow the path to the next “junction” and take the one in the middle which is slightly to your left. If you follow this path to its end you should find yourself on another crossroad where you take a left and follow the sign “Urach Waterfall”. At the next intersection take a right and follow this path until you reach a little cabin on the left side of the path and then take the right path and follow the mountain face until you reach the clearing where the waterfall originates and flows over the edge, falls down 37 meters (121 feet) and continues its way over many little edges and stairs until it ends up as the Brühlbach down in the valley.

They have a little bistro up there where you can get a little snack and drinks and also a place to enjoy the sun (ONLY from early March to late November – couldn’t get the exact opening hours). Otherwise you can bring your own barbecue stuff and can use one of the fireplaces.If you have enough of the outlook you can continue the tour to the bottom of the waterfall. To get there you just have to follow the path on the left side of the waterfall, which will bring you right into the splashing zone and through another world where water flows over stairs and under benches. For photographers and anybody else I can only recommend to come in winter - when the waterfall is full of icicles and surrounded by snow - AND in spring or summer when the birds take a shower under the cool water and everything around you is just green and full of life.

The other recommendation is to come during the week because on weekends it’s mostly super crowded and the bests spots for photographs are already taken by others.

If you’re done inhaling all the beauty in this place you can follow the path next to the little stream, called “Brühlbach” until you get to parking area 23 and then walk along the B28 or you follow the stream until you reach a path to you right which leads you back across the mountain and back on the path where you started. (Note: the walk along the B28 is longer but flat, down in the valley.)

Note: You can do loads of other tours there including “Castle Hohenurach” or “Falkenstein Cave”. http://en.badurach-tourismus.de/

If you have any questions about the tour don’t hesitate and send me a mail: larskrafft@mountainviewpictures.de.

Pack List

  • Hiking Boots
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Camera Gear
  • Water
  • Snacks or BBQ stuff (for the fireplace)
  • Some money for lunch (if you don't bring your own food)
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How to Get There

3 months ago

Nice And Easy

I've been there once as a kind and just recently got there again. It is really easy but beautiful and totally worth it. But don't only do the waterfall, once you climbed on top you should rest and enjoy a beer (or else). Then head towards 'Burg Hohenurach' this is a pretty neat castle ruin just about 2,5km away. From there you'll have a great view over the valley.

3 months ago

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