One of my favorite landscapes in the country. A great way to introduce people to the area, as well!

One of my favorite hikes in Washington and makes for a great day hike or overnight. It's pretty popular so try to arrive on the earlier end if you're looking to snag a campsite (they're also fairly spread out and not immediately obvious). Upon entering the lower basin look for sporadic cairns and a moderately-worn foot path to the right and then ascend up a steep and rocky section if you want to get up to Foggy Lake. There are multiple ways to ascend but ultimately head in a northwest route to reach Foggy Lake at the upper basin.

This is a great hike with stunning views of Rainier and the surrounding area. It's not very long which makes it a good option if you don't have a ton of time but still want to reap a lot of reward with little effort. It's also just outside of the National Park, so your doggy buddies can join in here as well. There are fantastic campsites near the lake and stellar sunset views from the ridge above the lake. Definitely bear country here so be sure to take proper precautions to both you and the bears safe! It's also accessible throughout the year as a snowshoe trek, assuming your car can make it up the road, which is full of big rocks and bumps and generally not well-maintained.