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Garrett Simerson

We visited the park in early November as a family and snow was already on the ground. There are so many beautiful places within the park, easily accessible from the road. Our favorite was Öxarárfoss. The Icelandic wind was intense, but the experience was well worth it.

I visited Gulfoss in early November with my wife and kids. It was only a short walk to the falls, which even our kids with mobility limitations were able to do. Both the upper and lower viewing areas offer stunning views of Gulfoss. Truly incredible piece of Creation.

My wife and I really enjoyed every step (up and down) of this hike. The villages on the trail are as enjoyable to experience as the bridges themselves. The root bridges are such a unique part of the regional heritage…one of a kind in the world! A trip to Cherrapunji isn’t complete without a visit to this awesome place.

This section of the North Country Trail is just as advertised: well maintained, easily accessed, scenic, and with all the beautiful Creation one can expect to enjoy walking through the north woods of Michigan. There were even some great spots to camp along the trail.

My wife and I, and three of our kids (10, 7, and 4) summited Mount Mitchell via Old Mitchell Trail. To be honest, it was probably a little much for the youngest, still safe though. We all really enjoyed the strenuous, yet doable, hike, which traversed some vibrantly green and fragrant spruce-fir forest and ended at the highest point east of the Mississippi. We even stopped at the restaurant and gift shop on the way back as a reward.

We made a short visit to Point Betsie in the dead of winter, and, man, what a great choice! The lighthouse and shore were so picturesque with waves seemingly frozen in mid-flow. Also, there was almost no one there, which allowed us to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the place.

Simply incredible! The most beautiful waterfall we've seen in the region thus far. ‬