My motto: Life is a series of adventures.

Makes you feel far from the world!

The Lost Coast is such a surreal sight - if you have a chance, do the whole beach trail. It changes scenery more often than you would expect and has several secluded campsites like this one. Black Sands beautiful.

Go at sunset!

Beautiful spot - went out this weekend. Visit at the golden hour just before sunset - the lighting is so serene. If you have extra time on your hands, check out the shipwreck at Inverness too!

Great vistas of the canyon!

Great trail that winds down into the canyon. The views are breathtaking. It is a well-traveled trail so expect some company. Great hike to do if you are short on time because you can make it as short or long as you prefer.

The hike itself is beautiful, winding along the ridge. The first 2 miles are the most difficult but once you conquer the incline, the rest is a nice balance of up and down til you reach the springs. The trail is lined with all sorts of foliage and has a decent amount of coverage winding into the Redwoods. Started the hike on Sunday and many folks were heading out. Hit the springs on Monday and had it almost entirely to ourselves! Since it's a popular trail, try to plan for a weekday if you have the flexibility. If you have trouble finding the springs when you reach Sykes, head downstream and cross the river a few times. You'll find the beautiful stone springs perched on the side of the river.

Incredible and entirely surprising!

Just did the 4 day trek through this gorgeous paradise. I was so stunned by the diverse coastal landscapes that we encountered. Definitely makes you feel like you are in the land before time. Saw sea lions, seals, otters. There was actually a dead baby whale at Cooksie Creek which was just wild to see in its enormity. Didn't encounter any bears but a bear canister is a MUST. Saw plenty of tracks along the beach. A few things... definitely bring some extra socks and a change of clothes. If you are ambitious and lack patience, you will probably get soaked by the tides. Parts of the trail are really fun scampering / bouldering from cove to cove. Only hike on a receding tide! Make sure you bring a tide table and time your hike. This was initially supposed to be a 3 day for us, but on day 2 we got stuck in a section that was impassible at high tide and made it a solid 2 miles that entire day due to tide timing and the sun. Also we tried to hitchhike from Black Sands Beach to Mattole - wasn't too successful and ended up paying for a shuttle. Lost Coast Shuttles with Sheri was great and ended up giving us a mini tour of everything we passed. There's also a great coffeeshop in Shelter Cove, The Fish Tank, to celebrate your conquest with a few beers.

Definitely climb down to the base!

Such an incredibly unique waterfall. It's breathtaking from the viewing platform but if you really want the full experience, give yourself a little adrenaline kick and climb down to the base through the crack in the fence. I promise it isn't as sketchy as it seems and is worth facing fears!

A magical place indeed

If you are one who has a huge respect for trees - this is especially such a beautiful place. Never have I felt so small amongst these wise giants. There are tons of pull-offs to pick from so chances are you can find a nice dose of solitude on the various trails / off-shoots. If you get a second - learn about the roots of the Redwood trees. It's beautiful that they are interconnected with one another and support each other.

Colors are wild.

The colors of the Grand Prismatic Spring are WILD. There are far too many tourists but that is expected when consider that it's the 3rd largest hot spring in the world. The colors and textures make weaving through people worth it. I'd absolutely recommend checking this out but just know that if you go on a midsummer's day you'll have a crowd.

Cool spot for photos

Surreal and vast. Definitely worth checking out. There isn't a ton to do here but the sight alone is just weird and wonderful. Makes for some fun photos - especially if you bring some accent props. I'm convinced that all of Death Valley is quite awe-spiring. Best to go in the morning or early evening. I went at 10am in August and it was steamy.

Come at sunset!

First off - the natural structures of these hot springs are just so intricate. I haven't seen anything quite like it. Crazy to think that these have been forming for thousands of years. The colors and textures are very cool. Perks - it's free. Parking is easy. There is a bathroom there. Sunset over the mountain ridge is beautiful. Con - small hot springs so you may share a pool with some folks. Everyone is friendly though. Went on a Saturday and there were maybe 8-10 people dispersed in 4 pools.

Gaby Colletta

about 4 years ago

Scenic and diverse trail with a breath-taking summit

One of the things I loved about this trail is that it takes you through all sorts of landscapes. It absolutely beats those summit treks that are pure switchbacks. You will pass not one but TWO small lakes both very different from one another. The area with large boulders is fun to 'off-road' for a bit and scamper around. The summit is just breathtaking with so much blue below and above you.

You'll understand why everyone says Zion is magic

One of the most beautiful national parks I've been to... Zion is truly a magical place. It's cool - the trail got it's name because the explorer Frederick Fisher said, "only an angel could land on it." The last leg of the hike is a great adrenaline rush. Even if you are scared of heights I highly encourage you to try it. Took a friend who fears heights and this was a huge milestone for her. She said it was absolutely worth every ounce of working through that fear.

The colors are outrageous

And they change with the light of the day. Definitely a photographer's dream. One recommendation - try to go early in the morning or be part of the first tour group - that way you see it in a space of solitude before others start trickling in behind you.


The mineral spires or "Tufas" definitely make for an intriguing and abnormal sight. I checked out the NW lake access off Cemetery road as well as the South Tufa Reserve. The South was far more impressive. If you are heading this way on 120 be sure to look to the right at the fields of shrubbery and eerie leafless bushes. On a rainy day the colors are vibrant and the fields appear bright red. Also if you want a high level view of the lake, take 395 North about 7-10 minutes around a bend. There is a viewing platform / vista which yields cool views.

Go at sunrise!

The colors are spectacular. Watching light illuminate all the cracks and a cloak of color come down the ridge is just awesome.

Gaby Colletta

about 4 years ago

Beautiful views - not too strenuous - sunrise solitude.

Hiked this last weekend. It was so serene. Decided to head up for sunrise. Since it's a short hike, it is very doable early in the morning. Although the sun rises on the other side of the valley you still get incredible colors in the sky. Even better... solitude. We were the only ones out there. Not a bad spot to enjoy breakfast. More people started to arrive around 9 am but it was still not crowded like Glacier Pt. Definitely recommend this!

Stunning - take a plunge into the 42-degree water!

It may be cold but it's well worth the dip! Beautiful spot. Cool fact - it's fed from volcanic springs.

Makes you feel like you are far away

White Sands is one of those surreal spots that catches you by surprise. It's an awesome place to run around and shoot some photography. One thing to keep in mind - it gets melty hot in the middle of the day. Bring sunscreen!

Great spot for a hot day with jumping rocks!

Lake Anza is a great little swim spot tucked in the Berkeley Hills. Here are a few extra tips for going: - To avoid paying fees, arrive around 5:30pm. You'll still get plenty of sunlight and less people. - The lifeguards are off duty at 6pm so that means the whole lake is free game. Swim across to the other side or hike around. There are huge rocks directly across the designated swim area that make for a fun jump into the Lake. - If you're looking for a quieter experience, try to come on the weekdays. Note that this is a recreational lake, so there are often other visitors. It's not one of those "desolate wilderness" type of places but still a great break from the world!

Hiked to these falls in early September. Definitely one of those gems that catch you off guard. The walk along the tracks were easy - no trains came. The directions are super clear and helpful. We found the falls just before the bridge and were in awe. Had the whole place to ourselves on a Friday afternoon. Definitely worth a quick trip! Also if you're hungry - grab some food from Yaks and take it the falls. Perfect spot for a picnic and the food is a hefty amount of awesome.

One of the most magical places I have ever seen. Believe it or not, being there is MORE beautiful than the photos can even begin to depict.