Frank Armstrong

Idyllic and magical

We honeymooned at the Emerald Lake Lodge in 2003 (amazing!) and enjoyed this hike very much.


almost 3 years ago

My First Taste

This hike was my first taste of the Rockies, and it is a very enjoyable hike. Do not stop at the lake; the real fun is when you free-range off its backside and lose yourself in the crisp mountain air and the gorgeous terrain. I took a mid-afternoon nap on a nestled flat-top rock and was wakened by a marmot who thought me an odd, unfortunate interloper.

A nice casual local hike.

There are some very impressive large, old trees.

A Delightful Late Summer Excursion

The dunes and beaches are truly magical. So much fun to sleuth around the old town and discover old monuments, too!


over 3 years ago

Rent A Moped!

I took the ferry over for a great summer day-trip, rented a moped and explored the whole island thoroughly. An absolutely wonderful place.

Mini-grand Canyon

Beautiful desert canyon hike, and the best (only?) reason to go to Amarillo!

My Backyard

I grew up in Lake St. Croix Beach, just north along the river from Afton, and this is still my favorite casual nature stroll in Minnesota.


over 3 years ago

Lots To See

You can get lost, this park is so big. Stay on the trails and it’ll be a day hike. Go off-trail and walk the rocks - you won’t be disappointed.

Unmatched Splendor

It’s definitely a hike, but the vistas are ridiculous! Truly beautiful.


over 3 years ago


Honeymooned at the nearby Emerald Lake Lodge and got our day pass at the Field station to explore Lake O’Hara. Absolutely sublime.