Forrest MacDonald

A Great, Mellow Hike!

This made for a great midway-ish point to stop for a hike on my way from Los Angeles to Anza Borrego SP. I hiked it from the fire station because I couldn't find the longer trail head. Here are a couple of helpful notes: - I had no problem camping in my vehicle in the parking lot of the Community Resource Center (across from the Fire Station) the night before. There's also a section for PCT hikers to tent camp -- I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem pitching a tent there. - The hike is almost entirely flat, so you can expect to hold a strong pace and don't need to worry about bringing 'summit layers'. I did about 3 mph including stops for wildflower pictures, and the temperature was a steady 75 degrees. - Julian Cider Co was nothing special, but Julian Pie Co was! It's an easy drive south to Julian and can be 'on the way' if you're going to/from LA or San Diego. I recommend the Dutch Apple pie with cinnamon ice cream. It's beautiful right now after all of the rain we received! Highly recommended. Thanks to the original poster for putting this up.

Really Nice, Few People

This is a great little loop to do when you're in the Glendale area but don't have time to send it up Wilson (or Baldy). I followed the exact route except for the ending -- instead of taking the road down I hopped off on the trail on the left about a quarter mile from the intersection. DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE. It ended up being a downhill MTB trail and Holy Toledo was it steep. Pretty epic views, though, so possibly worth the pain. All in all, great 5+ mile hike. Only saw two other people after the 1 mile steep climb.