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Erin Newman-Mitchell

Texan. Explorer. Outdoor Enthusiast. Landscape photographer based in Austin, Texas.

Whether you're from Austin or you're just visiting, this spot is definitely worth the small hike. The east side of the bridge is perfect for sunset, whereas the west side of the bridge is great for snapping a skyline photo. It's an iconic spot and makes for a great composition!

Pedernales Falls State Park is a must visit when in central Texas. The park has many miles of trails, lush foliage, and wildlife spotting opportunities. The main attraction of the park, Pedernales Falls, is a scenic area along the Pedernales River. And from which it gets its name, there are a multitude of beautiful waterfalls. Because of COVID, it is difficult to get reservations. You must book several days in advance but it's very much worth it!

It's located in the college town, San Marcos so be weary that this is an extremely popular location for tubing, kayaking, and swimming in the Texas Hill Country area. However I do highly recommend the experience! It's fun and refreshing especially for a hot summer day. Also, parking is very limited and hard to come by.

This was a peaceful and beautiful hike. When the creek is flowing there are several beautiful springs along the trail. It also makes for a decent exercise and is mostly shaded! Due to the virus and drought, it hasn't been that popular of a trail as it usually is. There is also no entrance fee currently.

A gorgeous Texas state park within Austin City Limits with miles of hiking trails, swimming and wildlife watching opportunities. Located in southwest Austin, about 10 miles from downtown. The main attractions at this park are two waterfalls, the Upper and Lower falls. They both flow into large ponds which are often used for swimming. Keep in mind that there are no lifeguards on duty. And while the falls are separate from one another, the drive from one another is very short and they are located only about a mile apart. Parking is abundant and the waterfalls are not but a short walk from each parking lot. The Upper Falls does provide a more accessible cement trail to it, while the Lower Falls is accessible through a very easy hike over the limestone slabs, though not as wheelchair accessible.