Easy With Great Views

This hike is straight up over switchbacks the whole time but it's so short that you're up in the basin in no time. There is lovely views from here.

Urban Falls

Niagara Falls are clearly a must see at least once. Obviously those who are going to the area realize this isn't a hike in nature. It's a tourist attraction and super commercialized but still spectacular none the less.


This waterfall is right at the parking lot. Continue further along Bruce Trail to see plenty of greenery and a lovely creek!

Great Views, Lovely Coloured Lake

While Lillian Lake is definitely worth seeing once it's not something I would ever hike to again. There was a lot of inclines and the lake was super crowded. Beautiful views along the way though!

Good Little Walk

This is a short hike and nice if you just want to get out of the city for a short while.

Erin Baird

almost 3 years ago

Lovely Waterfall but...

I did this last summer as a day trip. The waterfall was stunning and I would go back however, only if I was spending the night. Totally personal preference though!

Great Views

Another one in Kananaskis that's pretty easy but also rewarding with great views

Loved It!

While this hike has a lot of elevation gain in a short amount of time it's still very easy. I'm not in the best shape so I just took as many breaks as I needed. Awesome views at the top!

Great views, cool cave

Super easy hike however, because the access road is closed you're left with a long walk down an old fire road before you get to the Trail head. I would recommend bringing a bike for this section of the trip!