Erika Halloran

Difficult and Rewarding

Hiked to Paradise falls this past week and it was indeed a beautiful unique tucked away spot but very difficult to get to. Originally took the "easier route" that takes the path heading toward the back of the church. After about a mile hike without really getting anywhere and having to climb over and under downed trees that had fallen across the path, decided it was time to head back and take the more difficult path directly behind the parking lot. This path was literally straight up and straight down. Some of the other hikers had already tied off some ropes to help with the descents and climbs but I still managed to have to be on all fours at some spots. The water was also extremely high and fast making the river crossing dangerous. Apparently they were letting down the lake above the dam which accounted for the extra water accumulation. After finally making it down to the falls and swimming hole it was a small piece of paradise in the mountains of NC. The water was still rushing and fast at the hole so unfortunately no swimming for me this time.