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Erik Olson

I love being outside and having expeditions. Rarely would I vacation in a city on purpose, being outside and self sufficient in the outdoors makes me excited. I am also the creator of the HUMBLE EXPEDITIONS website.

I went here a couple years ago and haven't been back since, although, I would love to visit again! When I went I checked out the "edge of the world" area which is awesome, but I headed to the end of the road and it got cooler. You come to closed gate, but hike further up the trail and there is the East Pocket Lookout Tower. It was manned and they invited me up to have a look around from the view they get. They also taught me about what they do in the towers and what they watch out for. It was a cool adventure!

I've done this hike a few times, I always forget how many miles it is, but its great. At the end you get to be rewarded with refreshingly cool waters that you can jump off of a couple cliffs, great place to practice those gainers.

This trail is my go to for training or when I can get out in-between work shifts. It is a short hike, yet pretty steep. Best times to go are sunset or sunrise for sure for the most beautiful views. Great hike I have done many times!