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Erik Nilsson

Outdoors enthusiast. Half Swedish, half Canadian. Raised mainly in Sweden, but spent the majority of the last 3 years travelling and exploring many of this earths wild regions. Mountains are the best.

Weighing the effort vs. the reward, this hike should be topping most lists worldwide. I kid you not, from the roadside the trail will lead you onto a pass overlooking milford sound and the surrounding fiordland mountains in like 2-3 hours. Yes you need a good weather window and yes you will need crampons if there is snow (aka. not in the summer) But there are few places where you have to put in this little effort to gain this much reward. especially in this region of the world. 10/10 best day-hike I have done.

Did this trail last year and I can truly say it was one of (if not the best) views of my life. From atop the cascade saddle on a blue sky day. It doesn't get better than that. Kea's playing around and panoramic vistas for days. Truly incredible.

Been to northern Sweden several times and this is one of the trials that sticks out up there. Very much in love with the region. But as mentioned - pack warm gear, I was there in early August last year and it was freezing (literally) during the nights. Pack mosquito repellent if going earlier in the season, they can be quite a handful.