The French Trip

The Golden Gates at Palace of Versailles

1. Palace of Versailles

Since Grade 5, I've dreamed of going to France to appreciate the architecture. Finally, after 8 years of begging my parents, they finally decided to take me to France. The French architecture is completely different from what we see in North America. More old-fashioned, the buildings give off a vibe of classical times. Ever since watching "Midnight in Paris", the Palace of Versailles has been my must-see adventure. The Palace sits on 67,000 squared meters of land and was the setting for the French Revolution and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The first time I saw it, it completely blew my mind of how large the Palace actually was. The extravagant golden gates symbolized wealth and royalty and it was an honor just to step inside. Inside the Palace of Versailles, the Hall of Mirrors is a big attraction. The Hall houses 357 mirrors and is still used for head of states meetings. We spent approximately 6 hours just inside the Palace because just how large it is.  

2. The Garden

Many tour groups decide to forgo the garden because it is too large for their time schedule. However, in my opinion, the garden was the best for family fun. Personally, I had a lot of fun with my brother just fooling around and admiring the architecture. My parents on the other hand, had a blast taking pictures and going on a romantic walk. Because the tour groups decide not to explore the garden, the garden is usually void of people. This makes it enjoyable and relaxing. The Garden is 800 hectares which makes it tiring to walk. However, the sculptures and water fountains provide a very good resting place for history geeks. I highly recommend the garden just because of how peaceful it is and not as crammed as the Palace.

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Eric Yang

19 year old .

 uOttawa Crim Student.

 World Traveler.

 Landscape/Architecture Photographer