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Emma LaFleur

the falls were roaring when we went. go early because the crowd is very dense in the popular season.

a very short walk. mildly would call it a mile there and back, if that. also now the dnr has placed trail markers and do not allow you to stray from it. this gives you a small view of the falls that are very pretty but it’s difficult to get a photo like the ones you see here.

absolutely gorgeous. got there early before the crowd and got to enjoy the view alone. hiked all the way to old mans cave and back to ash cave for a total of 11.6 miles.

this was incredible. the views from the summit were an extremely pleasant surprise, and the hike to the plane was so much fun. difficult but not long. the whole home took us around an hour. many steep inclines and trees down. it was so fun. easily the best part of the trip. nobody was on the trail but it wasn’t difficult to follow. there are markers on the trial.

easily accessible and and so gorgeous. quite a climb down but there is so much to explore. the falls are right off the road, no hike required, just a few stairs, but it feels like your immersed in nature. there were a few other people when i went down but it was well worth it.

this is a wonderful spot to view the sunset, easy to find and easily assessable. with that being said, plan on being accompanied by at least two or three photographers as well as some other families. this is a very popular location for a sunset viewing.

we attempted to make the tower for sunset, but when the gps lost signal and left us in a very remote location on the way up, with unpaved roads for miles, we turned around. we decided not to get lost in the dark with no signal so we turned around and never made it there. the drive up was a bit difficult and we couldn’t quite map it. read the directions to get there prior to the trip, since there is not signal for the last half hour of the drive.

This trail begins as a gravel road, but as you continue like the directions say, it turns into a moderate dirt path with some obstacles. the falls themselves were incredible. there is a very difficult climb to the base of the falls if you’re up for the challenge, but the path will lead you to the view of the waterfall. we hiked this trail in pouring rain, and it took us around 2 hours to complete all together. we were in no rush and spend some time climbing to the falls. this was so worth it. we ran into two people on the trail and it was such a serene hike.