Elley Metcalf

  • Hike to Treriksrøysa, 3 Border Cairn

    IntroductionThis walk takes you to Trerikroysa, in English meaning “3 border cairn” – which is the only place in the world where 3 different timezones meet, namely that of Finland, Russia, and Norway. The walk is a manageable 11km, along wooden bo...

    6.8 miles 360.9 ft gain

  • Backpack to Sundejavri in Finnmark

    IntroductionI walked this just by exploring a bit, and just deciding where to walk on the day, so I can't be too descriptive unfortunately, but you start at Nyelv, in Finnmark, Norway, at a trailhead signpost just a little bit off the E6 road.The ...

    9.3 miles 1003.9 ft gain

  • Hike the Nature Trail to Samettifjellet

    IntroductionThis walk starts at a wilderness cabin, called Mybrekkoia. It's a red cabin with two further buildings by the side, a sauna and a woodshed, as well as the many black dog houses on the other side of the road. Feel free to park the car a...

    3.1 miles 689 ft gain