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Elise Heimowitz

Most importantly: the bridge across the Sandy River is completely washed out, there are only a couple small (but relatively safe) logs to get across. Some dogs were fine, ended up having to carry across my Australian Shepard mix. If your dog is not scared like mine or can be easily carried, this is a dog friendly hike! If your dog gets easily scared or is old this isn't the hike for them. Otherwise, wonderful hike!

Short easy hike great for families, small children, and dogs. Highly recommend exploring the slot canyon area.

Easy and pretty trail system. Go early to avoid crowds of tourists as well as the hassle of parking.

The "hike" itself takes about 4 minutes from parking spot to waterfall. With that being said, Rocky Brook Falls is a beautiful waterfall that one could easily spend all day exploring. Fantastic swimming hole in the summer! Lots of places to string up a hammock and just relax and enjoy the view.

Stunning and easy hike! Definitely recommend going during the rainy season so you can see all the amazing seasonal waterfalls.

Beautiful falls, and Pool of the Winds is so incredible! Wear rain paints and waterproof shoes if you're going during the rainy season!