Elise Zimmerman

Didn’t go as planned but still awesome

This trail was amazing! We did the loop backwards, starting at the hostel across the way from the falls (careful where you park if you start on this side). This started off with a steep (but less steep than the initial incline by the falls) hike up with a beautiful view of the falls the whole time. Eventually we cleared the trees and started walking along the rocky path along the mountain but we hit some unexpected weather. They aren’t kidding when they say prep for any weather. You’re totally exposed and the way the mountains sit (I assume) brings a bunch of rain because it cleared as soon as we drove out. We doubled back back toward the hostel since we all didn’t have rain gear but cut off to pass Yoho Lake on our way. The trail to the lake was tree covered and definitely helped break up the rain for us. The lake was BEAUTIFUL and we had it to ourselves for probably and hour which was nice. It rained on and off but in between the water was glasslike and reflected be huge mountain that towered over it. After that we took the short cut off to see Hidden Lakes, which is an incredible graveyard for huge fallen trees that you can see through the crystal clear water. So even though we didn’t get to finish the iceline loop, there are plenty of trails off of it that made the trip worth it and are awesome stops along the way if you plan on doing the whole thing.

4 hikes in one!

This hike was awesome! Not only do you get the amazing view from the top of the Beehive but you also hit Lake Louise, Mirror Lake and Lake Agnes along the way. Crowds slowly clear our along the way, especially after you pass the Teahouse. The trail gets pretty strenuous at the end going up with switchbacks but it’s definitely doable (we took our time and for sure a few breaks) and it TOTALLY worth it. We went in early July and there was enough snow to have a snowball fight but the trails were clear. We continued on to the Plain of Six Glaciers too from the top. Would definitely recommend!