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The standard issue Yosemite view that everybody takes a picture of. Worth stopping to take a peek because it’s a heck of a view, but I wouldn’t stay long because the crowds are absurd. You can hike to Artist Point from here to get away from the crowds so I would recommend that.

Epic hike. Leave early in the morning to ditch the crowds. I would recommend a rain jacket to stay dry because you will get absolutely drenched. Also maybe a waterproof bag. I would say it’s decently strenuous but you can stop and turn back whenever you want. Although, it’s worth it to go all the way to the top.

Pretty steep 2 miles on the way up. Scaling the rock feels a little sketchy, but if you take your time you'll be fine. View from the top is definitely worth it. Rock is very slick though, so if there is any feel of rain it'd probably be best to get back down of the rock. Must do though if you're in the smokies.

Not a super strenuous hike. Took about an hour and a half to get there. Views are incredible. If you want to have the place to yourself then get out there while the sun is rising. We passed about 50+ people on the way back at around 10am. I'm sure if you wait any later a line forms at the rock.

2 miles is a stretch. Maybe 1 mile total. Super easy hike. Views are fantastic. Bolts for rappelling. Catch the sunset, you won't regret it.

Relatively easy hike. Can be pretty steep, but it's not that long so it is manageable. Plus the views are fantastic. Could get a bit crowded with people considering it's a pretty iconic spot in the Tetons. Still, must-do if you're in the Tetons.

I think this is well worth seeing. Not many people when we went by. (mid-May). Maybe we just got there at a weird time. Pretty easily accessible though so I can see how it could be touristy. Nonetheless, go check it out if you're thinking about hiking to inspiration point or deep into Cascade Canyon.

Jenny Lake is absolutely gorgeous. It has something that everyone of any age or experience can do. You can stick around close to the parking lot and still get a great view, or you can venture deep into the woods and find a more secluded trail to hike. Pretty iconic in the Tetons.

After seeing the Grand Prismatic from ground level, we weren't satisfied because we had seen pictures from a higher vantage point. This is the vantage point that most pictures are taken at. A little tricky to find at first, but the description is super solid. Even though the trail isn't maintained, tons of people have worn it down enough to see where to go.

The hoodoos are very unusual and cool. Wall Street was closed off on our trip there due to rock fall, so be aware that this could happen. Still, pretty great hike through the canyon. Not a ton to see in Bryce Canyon in my opinion, but this is one of the must do trails there.

Definitely have to see this if you're in Yellowstone. An absolutely massive waterfall in a beautiful canyon. Beautiful views of the canyon. Put this on your must-see list for Yellowstone.



Seriously one of the craziest things I have seen. The pictures really don't do this place justice. Unbelievable in person. I did lower antelope canyon and it wasn't crowed at all, and going in March made it a little cooler. I can imagine the summer months are steamy. If you are on the edge of putting this in the plans for you trip, don't think twice. It is so well worth the money.

Definitely suggest trying to go in the fall to get a glimpse of the fall colors there. The waterfall is gorgeous and wasn't too crowded when we went. Hike back up is a pain in the butt, but well worth it.

Definitely a must stop overlook. One of my favorite overlooks in the Tetons. The trees have grown up so you can't see the river bend, but gorgeous nonetheless.



This is one of those places that you definitely have to see to believe. Probably one of the most over photographed places in America. But, as many pictures as there are, it doesn't do it justice.

The waterfall itself is fantastic. Can feel commercialized if you're just going to hang at the top of the waterfall. However, going to the base of the waterfall is well worth it. Can be tricky to find the trail at times, but like the description says, following the river will lead you there. Definitely suggest to go down to the bottom.

Great and easy day hike leads you to a beautiful lake with a fantastic view of the Grand Teton. Bring some bear spray. Water is super clear.



One of the best places for sport climbing in Alabama. Can get pretty popular on good weather weekends. Routes are really diverse. Bathrooms, showers, running water, etc. are available at the campground. Overall a pretty good place to climb/camp.

Great warmup hike to start the day or great to do with big groups. Very easy and pretty short but has some great views. Can be very muddy underneath the falls. Hike to the top of the falls for a great view.

The hike was fantastic. Gorgeous views the whole way up. Not a super difficult hike to get up to the hidden canyon section. There is a couple of sections with chains but they weren't too bad and felt secure. A good warmup for the chains at Angel's Landing. We hiked up to the actual hidden canyon section which is a couple of miles or so in, and decided to turn around due to weather. Wasn't my favorite hike in the park, but definitely worth doing.

We did this hike in March and didn't think we would have enough time to squeeze it in. But we ended up finishing previous hikes faster than intended so we made our way over to the mouth of the narrows. We weren't expecting to be hiking it, so we did not rent the equipment. Within a couple of minutes my feet went from full feeling to numb. After a while I couldn't tell whether my feet were hockey pucks or still feet. However, the hike was absolutely gorgeous and well worth feeling like your feet have turned into ice cubes. I strongly suggest renting the equipment or you will be absolutely miserable.



Probably the craziest hike I have done to date. Views are gorgeous and the exposure will give you chills. Not as scary as everyone makes it out to be, but still gets you a little nervous. Pretty easy overall hike. The only drawback is the crowds.