Douglas Hall

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I love this hike, Aliso Woods is an awesome area to explore in South Orange County. While you are out there I would recommend hitting some of the other surrounding trails. Keep your eye out for wildlife! I have come across a wide variety of animals from bobcats, deer and tons of squirrels. It's a great place to mountain bike or hike, with views of the ocean on top of the surrounding trails to awesome wooded areas with plenty of tree coverage! Make sure you do this hike!!

It's an awesome location to see the sunset at the Newport Pier, good place to hangout in the day time too so it's a great all day thing to do. Great post!!

This hike is a must do! I'm currently training for doing some 14ers in Colorado and this is a great hike for anyone, there is a great network of trails to combine for any level of outdoor enthusiast. There is a large variety of wildlife around from rattlesnakes, birds, bees and squirrels so you get a bit of everything. The actually forest part at the beginning of the trail is beautiful, there are bathrooms at the top and many areas to stop and rest on the way up. Be sure to take plenty of water although it's not a long hike you are exposed for a majority of it and it gets warm in that area. Have fun and just enjoy the outdoors!!