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Donna West

This is an ok trail if you Just want to get out and do something overlooks the San Gabriel River. It can be busy at times and can be really peaceful. Does have some elevation to it. kid can do this, trail, dogs too long if they’re on a leash.

I Really wouldn’t call this a hike, more of a walk or a stroll but it does give you some good views overlooking Austin. Very busy place. Good place to take kids picnic eat lunch there. This for me just looking up the views was like 30 minutes.

Start out pretty simple and then it escalated when we took the east trail. Rocky Boulder hopping straight up. But the views are amazing. Looking down at camp site c( which is no longer in use) and the river and then over the horizon. Wear good shoes, and hiking poles

Very rocky trail stayed at campsite D, being really good shoes. This is a quite trail but listen you can hear nature. Beautiful

Pinery Trail just an easy hike on pavement. Wheelchair accessible, this trail is a nature walk. Learning about the different plants. It is a short trail and takes you to remnants or The Butterfield Overland Mail Station.

I did not summit, but what I did get to do was fabulous. Went in April. The views are awesome. This is a hard hard trail. Depending on your skill level. Bring lots of water. At least 3 sets of switchbacks. There is a primitive camp at least a mile from the summit. Nice trail to night hike too. The sunset was beautiful.

This trail is out and back about 3 miles or more, not over 4 miles. Moderate to hard. Depending on your skill. Lots, lots, of Boulder hopping, ups and downs. Went in mid April not hot at all. Go all the way to the end. It’s amazing. We had lunch at the very back. This is a must do trail.

Part of trail was closed so made it a short trail

Not so much challenging. Does have beautiful views. This trail I could have just carried a sling for my drink. Does have places to sit if you get tried. Parked at warbler visits parking, took the right side fork, ascended a little but descended back. This is a loop with other trails connecting. Take a map.