Dominic Pascucci

The chalet is a great place to stay. Wether it’s a family reunion or a group of friends getting together you’ll love the chalet. The loft area can sleep a number of people shoulder to shoulder. And the main floor has place for a few more. In winter time we’ve had some people set up tents outside. The lake is a short distance from the chalet. Bring you kayaks and sups in summer. There’s a road that’s usually covered in snow in winter so bring your snowshoes if you come in the snowy months.

This site is a short drive from San Francisco. It’s slightly different than your average campground so here are a few things to keep in mind. - There is a short hike down a steep dirt road. You’ll need to carry everything down with you. It’s only a couple minute walk down. - The bathrooms are back up that hill. And then another 100 yards or so. So plan your potty breaks. - There are 3 sites here and they are pretty close to one another. Let’s just say you can easily hear your neighbors at night. Bring earplugs - There are tent pads here. Lower profile tents will fit best. A giant 6 person tent my not fit so well. Our 3 person backpacking tent was about a foot too long for the pad. The tent body fit fully on the pad but we had to stake the rainfly in a weird position off the pad.

Visited in early spring and was so impressed. It was so cool to snowshoe along the rim and see the edges of the crater covered in snow. The snow embankments were so high!! I would love to come back and winter camp here!!

Stay at a casino and walk to the gondola!! Heavenly is a huge Mountian and is often crowded especially on the weekends. But luckily there are always places to shred with less people. There are five areas you can start from so depending on the day and conditions you can drive to a different parking lot in attempts to avoid the crowds. Most skiers here stick the groomed trails but if you know a local you can probably find some nice untouched pow during a dump. Heavenly is close to most locations in south lake so makes for a great half day ski if you can’t do first to last chair.

If you live in the area tank hill is a great short easy escape. Surrounded by bigger parks like Sutro, Twin Peaks, and golden gate, tank is easily skipped over. But sometimes you just need a few minutes of city views, fresh air, and a few stairs climbed to rejuvenate yourself!! It can definitely be windy up here. Good picnic lunch spot or an add on to longer hikes connecting twin peaks and Sutro.

Was on a road-trip and making stops at hot springs. We didn’t even realize that we’d be driving by the sawtooths!! So it was an extra bonus for sure. And one of the hot springs we stopped at was basically at the base of the Sawtooths!! So it made for a great photo op and a very peaceful experience.

Check this place out for the history. Pretty impressive to have had hundreds of people swimming in salt water pools only a couple feet from the ocean! It’s worth hiking down and exploring the ruins. There’s an old cave that you can hike through. If it’s high tide you may get splashed while in the cave. Also the lands end parking lot just above is a great place to catch sunset.

It’s cool to climb outside in the city. It’s cool to climb on the beach. But this rock can be crumbly. When climbing here, my partner fell because the hand hold just gave way on her. And the cave, yes there’s a cave, can sometimes have people sleeping or doing other things in there. It can be a little smelly too. But worth checking out just don’t expect the most awesome rock and crag.

This is a great hike for the SF native, visiting tourist, or anyone who thinks they’ve seen all SF has to offer. So many different climates and communities visited during this hike. We decided to give it a go in one push. Some people will do it in segments, 5-7 miles at a time. Logistics wise planning your drop off/shuttle/pick up might be the trickiest. Candlestick point could be worth skipping as there are a couple hundred rv’ers camping on the road there. Outside of that area the walk is great!! So many little shops to stop in. Restaurants and cafes to grab a bite. Lots of neighborhood gardens to smell the flowers in. And lots of city views. If you like planning, it could be fun to do this in two days with an Airbnb stay one night.

Great short hike to catch 360° views. If you plan on catching sunset here, be prepared for some wind and chills. If you’re lucky you may be able to see SF parrots flying around. This hike can be linked up with the 16th street stairs and the hidden garden stairs.

The trailhead for this hike can be found in the San Pedro Valley Park, a San Mateo county park. There is a fee to park here but you can often find street parking if you don’t want to pay the $6, just be sure to read street parking signs. This is an up and down out and back trail. It’s pretty popular on the weekends. There are a number of vista points along the way, be sure to stop and soak in some of those Pacific Ocean views.

This is a world known bouldering destination and with many pro climbers living in the bishop area, you may find yourself getting some beta from a pro or having one spot you. Buttermilks has something for everyone. Beginner, intermediate, pro you’ll find something (lots) to jump on. The buttermilks is a short drive from the town of bishop. Summers can be brutally hot so fall through spring are most ideal. You can climb here in the winter too, just be prepared for snow and colder temps.

This is a great bike ride that has improved over the years with more bike paths. Albeit the bike paths may be slower you don’t have to worry about cars, debri, pot holes, or road furniture. There are still plenty of sections where you will be on the road with cars. The two times I’ve done this ride we went clockwise so that we were always closest to the lake side, this made for many great photo opportunities. There are several bathrooms along the route and a lot of great places to eat at. Depending on where you start/end you may need to do a little research on where you can park or maybe you’re able to bike from wherever you are crashing the night before.

I’ve camped here a couple times. On a nice weekend the beach can be very busy with lots of people walking around camp. On one trip we were close to the bathrooms right about the beach so lots of people were walking by our site. We didn’t leave any valuables behind to be safe. Another time we camped further down the loop during a weekday. There were some motorhomes, this seems likes a popular spot for rv’ers Outside of the crowds and rv’s this is a great campground. Real close to town if you need last minute supplies or just want to grab a bit to eat. Short drive to lots of hiking trails and beaches.

This was a great trip!! We camped just inside desolation wilderness boundary which set us up perfectly for our morning climb. Because of the spring conditions we were able to find some running water close to camp. Our ascent was warm, thank the lord for full length side zips. The climb was physical but the summit was dope. And the ski down was sick. Memorable trip for sure!

Bootjack has these old stone fire pits, I believe they are called rocket fire pits or maybe an older version of that. When here we cooked some salmon on wood planks and it was delicious!! The campsites are a short hike up from the parking area. Lots of trails can be accessed from the campground itself or you can drive to several trailheads. Getting here is easy and very quick from SF or the east bay

This is a great hike on Mount Tam. I really like the wood ladder bridge on this trail. Something different. Pantoll station can be very busy on weekends but there are bathrooms there. Lots of good vista points with trees and waterfalls (if it’s rainy season) along the way.

This is a very easy hike with a large parking lot right next to it. We came for sunset and it did not disappoint. While visiting there were a couple of professional photographers doing their thing. We also noticed some people that got too close to the cholla, those things will stick ya. Watch you step too, but pieces of them can be on the ground and they’ll attach to your shoes. Sunset sunset sunset


This is a very easy hike with a large parking lot right next to it. We came for sunset and it did not disappoint. While visiting there were a couple of professional photographers doing their thing. We also noticed some people that got too close to the cholla, those things will stick ya. Watch you step too, but pieces of them can be on the ground and they’ll attach to your shoes. Sunset sunset sunset

We camped here in January so the nighttime temps were pretty low. It was also very windy so the windchill made it feel much colder. This is a dry camp so you’ll need to bring all your water you’ll need for cooking, drinking, cleaning, and proper fire dousing. Water can be found at the park entrances. Campfires in jumbo are amazing because the light bounces off the rocks. Sunsets are amazing too. Scramble up some of the rock outcroppings and be ready to be wowed. Rodents can be an issue here. So either leave food in your car at night or bring a fancy beer proof cooler (there are no bears but those coolers seal up tight). Also keep you tent doors closed when not actively going in and out, a kangoroo rat got into one of our tents.

Everyone goes to the 16th street stairs for their photo op but the hidden garden stairs are just as pretty. BUT you don’t get the cool view down to the ocean. You can link of the two tile stairs and summit grand view park as well

This place is amazing. The moss is so thick! But you probably shouldn’t touch it, just stay to the trails. Even if it’s raining, it’s still worth visiting. Just grab an umbrella and start hiking. Watch out for banana slugs! They’re everywhere

There’s a parking for this beach. It’s small but depending on when you go you can probably snag a spot. There’s also street parking that’s not too far. If you get a spot in the lot, it makes for an easy approach to the beach to get some paddling in too.

There are a couple trails to the top from lower elevations but they’ll probably take you all day. You can bring backpack and climbing gear with you on the tram. Most people just do day hikes close to the tram station. But you can get some major miles in. Or do some bouldering not too far from the tram The tram itself is very dramatic. You’ll see just how high up you are. There are food options at the top incase you forget your Muncie crunchies