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Dick Coe

Your description of the trailhead and access to the trail are incorrect. 4400 is a private road and you could be towed or have your car damaged by farm implements. 4200 is the correct trailhead and is a public road 37°10’52.4″N 113°37’25.6″W. Access is through a wooden stopover and 30 feet farther are markers/maps on posts which indicate how to get to the petroglyphs. Turn left onto the horse trail and travel .6 of a mile to the entry of Gila Trail. This trail will take you to the Petroglyphs loop - which is clearly marked by carsonite posts and rock cairns. Do NOT climb over or under the barbed wire to reach the site as you will damage the fragile ecosystem of Snow Canyon State Park and would be fined if caught. Please keep your dog on a leash. Hantavirus occurs in southern Utah and your dog may pick up the dander carrying it.