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Diana Melnik

Seriously one of the most stunning and interactive hikes. Lots of range between inclines and declines so you don’t get bored, and a lot to look at when you’re on the trail. I loved the little shortcut we took that actually brought the hike down to just about 8 miles. There’s a clear indication and arrow that points to the shortcut in the last leg of the hike. We had the beach all to ourselves for about an hour! Would recommend to anyone :)

Would recommend coming in the spring time after the first few showers, the flowers cover the hills and it’s beautiful!

Was not expecting it to be that beautiful, easy “hike”

Really pretty hike! Enjoyed the clear sky’s and sunset on the way back down, Heart Lake was a bit difficult to find because there are a couple different trails that look like it may lead up to it. Once you hit the fork in the trail that opens up to different routes take the path that isn’t all the way to the left but that keeps going forward!

Beautiful view of the lake and really well kept trail. Went with a friend after a few days of rain and there were a bit of muddy parts but other then that it was stunning.

Incredibly beautiful!! A lot less populated compared to Lower McCloud and Burney. Definitely an awesome experience to be able to swim underneath the falls and check out the side pool.