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Derek Mathewson

...My name is Derek Mathewson, I'm from Oxnard CA, and I'm a travel/landscape photographer. I have a passion for the outdoors, backpacking, nutrition and finding gems others are yet to seek! For more pics and stories of my travels, check out my IG @Dreadhead_Derek

Glad to finally cross it off my bucket list. Just amazing!

These have to be some of the worst trail descriptions that I’ve read. I’ve tried visiting these falls twice and couldn’t find them. How about throwing some extra coordinates, especially if we’re gonna be bushwhacking.

I'm a full time traveler and I recently visited this park last week. I'll keep this short, out of all the hikes I did in the park, this had to be one of my favorite. I mainly did the hike to photograph Ptarmigan Falls, but once I realized I was so close, I decided to hike the extra 2.1 miles to the lake. What a great decision that was! well worth my time and the hike is fairly easy too! A must do if you're in that section of the park.

I agree with Micah, the coordinates to the trailhead were way off. My GPS took me right where I was suppose to, but there was nothing. I drove around wasting time and gas and couldn't find it, so I eventually left. Very disappointed!