Almost There

While this is a beautiful area of Rainer national park and there are some amazing old growth throughout, it is not nearly as full of old growth as I had hoped. As you get to the end of the trail, you find some of the biggest and most beautiful amazing trees in the area, but before that, the old growth is quite limited and not as full throughout as expected. Still, for a short hike (took about 45 minutes casually walking), there are some beautiful views and it can be peaceful when not crazy busy.


This trail is basically 3 miles each way with the first three being almost all vertical.... that being said, WOW IS IT WORH IT!!! The trail is well maintained and no real bad footing the whole way up. Beginning in thick woods, you can often hear the creek as you head up. After about 2.5 miles, you begin to walk into beautiful flower filled rolling hills before it all opens up to the beautiful upper crystal lake, surrounded by trees, flowers, fields , and multiple beautiful peaks!! The water felt amazing after a hot July hike up the trail. Bring water socks if you plan on getting in as there are some rocks and downed branches and small trees. It is well worth the effort!!!

Perfect At The Right Time

What a really beautiful little escape. Walking into a surprising little canyon that you would not expect to come upon as you drive into the area, it is a nice easy walk under a half mile back to the water fall with a great little swimming hole at its base. It is large enough for maybe 6 people to really enjoy lounging in it comfortably at a time. My hiking friend and I went on a Thursday morning pretty early and that was exactly how many people we had total there, but within an hour there was around 25 people here with multiple dogs off leash. I'm told it is pretty busy pretty often. Highly recommend going early in the morning and you should have a good hour or two without too many people :)

Serenity In The Valley

From the first moment you step out of your vehicle overlooking the river, you find the most peaceful sound of a light breeze and slowly running water! The views were absolutely spectacular and with multiple little trails around to wander, it is a blast and a must for anyone looking for a relaxing morning with beautiful views close to Boise!