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Deane Carlson

My partner and I love to travel, whether it be car camping pitching a tent or staying in our little fixer-upper camper.

You have to be lucky to score a ticket to get to Lake Ôhara! I recommend getting on the waitlist sooner than later. Non stop vistas from the moment you start this route. Worth every step up and down though my knees were complaining. 5 stars

This place isn't much of a hike, as a natural bridge is right beside the parking lot, what an amazing piece of land. Absolutely recommend checking this out if you are in the area, and climbing all over the natural Bridge, although be safe when doing so

Amazing hike! One of my favorites. Definitely recommend doing the loop counter clockwise. Nothing too steep but a few more challenging sections. Well worth the distance for the payoff of all the falls. Especially Twin Falls

This hike was definitely a challenge to complete. Took a little over 7 hours all together. If I ever do this hike again I will definitely bring gear to camp on top. I wish it was a clearer day. But it was still gorgeous. Wear good shoes. It’s very steep in some places!

A family hike more so, especially for train fans. Not overly difficult. Some steep parts. The reward is the remains of a century old steam train. I'd recommend grabbing a pamphlet.

Gorgeous body of water, super touristy of course. So I'd recommend going early to beat the crowds. Also, the rentals are not under $50, they are $90 Canadian, for just half of an hour. Absolutely ridiculous.

This has made my top 5 waterfalls list. The hike was great, mostly all flat even ground so made for a quick pace. Only steep part is near the end. The falls are massive, absolutely gorgeous! If yo I go beyond the fence be really careful. It's super mucky and slick!

This is a pretty tough hike, but with beautiful views! To get to the best views you have to go off trail so make sure to remember where the trail is you don’t get lost up there!

We paid for a cave exploration from a local, the price was super affordable and we felt safe the entire time. The glowing blue walls of ice was unbelievably beautiful with light seeping through cracks and holes, and the rushing and dripping water and loose rock and mud shifting underfoot was wicked. Would recommend for sure.

Gorgeous hike. Starts out at a small gravel pit. It's really Micky at the start of the hike, but once you get to the mounds at the base, it's gets a lot more dry if you keep right!

Beautiful trail although it was very muddy in some spots. Lots of birds, mushrooms, and flowers. Gorgeous views. Love the floating walk way although it could use some maintenance.

Amazing, 2nd tallest waterfall in the country. Paved and easy the whole way. Relatively short hike. If you plan to get close to the falls, bring a shell, sweater or jacket to change into after!

Tricky but short hike, a solidly worth the effort though. Although currently it's rather smoky right now due to the forest fires in Jasper, be aware the air quality isn't great.

Great lake to fish! Beautiful spot as well. Fishing regulations in Saskatchewan can change throughout the year, so be sure to do your homework before casting

Incredible views. It is a challenging and steep hike though. Download a trail map and I recommend going with a partner.

Took 6 ish hours and boy did I have to work for it. Longer than expected and quite difficult.

This was a hard one. The scramble is intense and yet doable. Didn’t quite make the summit, but others in my group did. Don’t wonder off trail on this one. And it gets quite windy nearing the top.

This was a hard one. The scramble is intense and yet doable. Didn’t quite make the summit, but others in my group did. Don’t wonder off trail on this one. And it gets quite windy nearing the top.

loved it! Awesome views of all kind of mountains and Maligne Lake. It was quite busy the day I went out. It was a moderate hike.

I hiked about 11 and a half kms. It was a super enjoyable climb. It was although tougher than I was expecting. A leg burner for sure. But worth it.

The trail is marketed as "moderate", but I think that's more for length rather than the trail itself. Very busy, people everywhere. Beautiful area though.

Made it to the cabin and it was such an awesome thing to see. Also there are also amazing views of Mount Rundle and Cascade Mountain.

The bugs were horrible but this short hike was nice and easy. The lake itself is beautiful and clear. No moose to be seen though.

Well i didn’t think I would do the whole hike but I did and it was worth it. The whole hike took about 7 hours but I was definitely taking my time. The first part was pretty steep! But in general the trail is in good condition. The views were great!! Wear bug spray!