Scenic Supreme

Just a beautiful drive from start to finish that takes you through a few ecosystems and gives you great shots of the Rocky Mountains. If you can go at sunrise or sunset during the summer or fall, on a weekday, you will be in heaven. Avoid spring as the snowpack is still strong and it's hard to really get out and get good photos and explore. They do a great job of maintaining the roads, which have many hairpins and high elevation, so be ready to take it slow, and take it all in. Many places to stop and hike, take photographs or have picnic. Small mountain towns that are wonderful. Great drive with stunning views.


This is another spot that is uber popular and can get crazy crowded. Perfect time to go: early morning, weekday, fall. I've had the hike and lake all to myself a few times, but it involved arriving before sunrise and on weekdays. It's truly amazing at anytime of year. Fall is the best, just breathtaking. Make sure you pass Maroon Lake to Crater Lake on your hike. So much to see and photograph and just take in. It's the most photographed site in Colorado for a reason. If you can get it to yourself, it's heaven. Not a hard hike at all (unless you keep going to summit, but that's an entirely different article). Big time beauty all around. It's the tops.

So Good

If you can manage to go during the fall, GO! It's the best. You're surrounded by the Rocky Mountains the entire drive, lots of places to stop and hike, take photos, or explore a small mountain town. A beautiful drive that never gets old. Take your binoculars to pull over and see wildlife all around. It's stunning from start to finish. Drive safe!

Great Hike Close To Denver

If you're looking for a great hike close to Denver, St. Mary's Glacier can't be beat. Warning: Do NOT go during winter unless you have spikes, snow shoes or skies/snowboard (for heading back down). The first 50-100 yards will be pure uphill ice. The summer and fall are the best times to go, in my opinion. The hike is up in elevation the entire time, but it's short and beautiful the entire way. Once at the Glacier, be prepared for big winds and big beauty. Lots to explore and great photos to be taken. Good hike for out-of-staters and anyone needing a getaway from the city. Any city, I suppose.

David Dean

over 2 years ago


This is a five star post for going at the right time. If you go during day or on weekends it will be so packed, and you will be miserable. I arrived before sunrise and had the hike up to myself. The hike is short, but it's not super easy. You will be climbing elevation fast - mostly on rocks. Be prepared for a real hike, not just a stop the car and walk up in regular shoes situation. The payoff is unreal. Pretty on all levels. Remember to respect the ecosystem and you cannot bring your dog. On my way down I passed, no joke, at least 100 people. The parking lot was full. It was 8:30am on a Friday. That's how busy it gets. Go early and on a weekday for one of the most beautiful spots in Colorado.


Very well kept trails and if you go early and on a weekday you'll have the place almost to yourself. (Like right before sunrise early.) Keep on hiking a bit after you pass the falls on the bridge. Bring your camera! Easy and fun for anyone.