Danny B

Lucky AND Good

Attempted to catch one of the walk up sites in Joshua Tree this past weekend, everything was occupado or seemed to be... we stumbled across a site at Indian Cove for a "week long reservation" yet it appeared the group had taken off early! Scored a great spot adjacent to some amazing bouldering. Winds were insane, but nothing a warm drink and fire couldn't fix!

about 4 years ago

Great Time Snowed In

The original posting for this campsite was very informative and super helpful. We ended up parking at the Islip Saddle parking lot, about 30 yards from where HWY 2 is closed for the winter! We were informed that the majority of the trail was covered in snow and it would be better to take the access road to the campsite, about a 1.5 mile hike on HWY 2 past the closure fence from Islip Saddle. Due to the about 4-5 feet of snow on the road and trails we missed the bright yellow access road gate directing us to Little Jimmy Trail Camp. Once we finally found it, we continued up the trail to the camp (about another 2 miles from HWY 2 and the access road gate) and found that it was completely snowed in. The outhouses, fire pits, and tables were all completely covered in snow, you had to slide down through about a 3 foot opening to use the outhouse. We regrettably decided not to stay the night, but all in all what a beautiful hike. Natural spring was amazing and we drank straight from it without boiling. Highly recommend it, probably head up there with either full snow gear or wait until late spring!