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Danielle Sharples

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This “hike” is a total joke but I loved every second of it! My friend and I were dying laughing because after 5 minutes of walking ladies and gentlemen – you have reached your destination.

Unfortunately, the Thunderbolt Trail was one of my least favorite hikes. The beginning of the trail was very hard to locate since the vegetation grew over all the markers—and the trail itself gets to be a very steep incline of dirt with little roots/rocks to grip along the way. Even though the summit views are definitely worth it! Be prepared for a crowd since anyone can drive up to the summit.

Completed this hike in one day with a few friends plus a dog. Our favorite part was hiking above the tree line because both trails offer amazing views. We had a really nice day even though the fog was so thick near the summit. Definitely recommend this loop instead of back tracking.

Definitely a great intro to the White Mountains! The trail had a steady incline (nothing too drastic) and there's lots of cool views on the way to the summit.

My group and I walked the loop on a day with lots of fog and the views were stunning. The lot was packed to the brim but this is typical for a Saturday. To avoid people on the trail go on a weekday or off season. It's too beautiful to miss.

I watched fireworks from Cadillac Mountain, it was cool to see all of the surrounding towns set them off in the distance. Catching the sunrise or sunset off this mountain is spectacular.

Even in the rain, this is a must see in Germany. It was simple to travel to from Munich. The only downfall is lots of tourists, but that's expected at this spot.

I've never seen Thunder Hole at its best because I get sick of people swarming around me. But if you're there at the right time it is fun to get drenched by the break. It's definitely worth it to stop in, but not for too long. Acadia has so much more to offer.

One of my favourite beaches in Ireland. My friend was dog sitting three dogs and we let them off the leash — they had a blast running around, rolling in the sand while we enjoyed our walk around sunset. The hills and dunes surrounding the beach serve great for photographers.

This was one of my first outdoor encounters in Ireland and by golly it was riveting! My friend from Dublin started the tour along the beach in Bray. Sadly, the day we went there was a forest fire that was slowly going out — the cliff walk was still accessible but the smoke was insane. We did go check out The Happy Pear which is the cutest — but instead settled with the classic fish and chips dinner with some beer. I'd recommend this cliff walk a thousand times over. If you want to escape the touristy atmosphere of Dublin, this is a must.

One of my favorites to do every year! Spring and fall is a beautiful time to go.

Lake Rico is not the largest but it's great to get away on a day off. Some friends and I have camped out overnight on one of the small islands, not sure if it's legal with the law but we left no trace. It's a beautiful spot!