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Daniel young

Took the chiayi train and stayed overnight at a hotel in Ali Shan recreational area, then took the morning train at 0520 (time changes according to sunrise time) to the top and walked to the viewing area. Definitely worth it, though I do recommend packing a jacket as it gets chilly while waiting for sunrise. Definitely do the hike back down to the station, you'll pass by remnants of Japanese logging planted trees, giant cypress, ponds, and the occasional tour group. I would suggest spending time nearby to check out the Mihu river trail (walking through a bamboo forest and suspension bridges) as well as the Sea of Clouds view (ask locals for the best places to view the "yun hai"). It's amazing as the wind blows the clouds up and you see it evaporate.

Went in mid August and saw a moose, picked a bag full of blueberries, and took some patriotic pictures with a flag that someone placed at the summit. The work: reward ratio is definitely worth it!

It's a cool train track hike with a portion that's slightly mid air, so be aware you may have to go slowly if someone is afraid of heights. View up top is great, and the whole way up I was contemplating how much effort just have gone into putting a track on the hill. The whole way down I wondered why they didn't build a humongous slide, haha.

View is amazing, hike has a little bit of everything: walking pace areas, steep precipices, ropes and rocks, mountain and ocean views. Good tree coverage from the sun, though I would still bring sunblock. Parking is a little confusing but the gate guard was super helpful in telling us where we could park, because the trail head is past the gate entrance to royal Hawaiian golf course. Park on the street before turning onto the road that leads to the course.

View was good, looking at the bay and the two islands. The east side of the hills were really windy which kept us cool, and lots of people had dogs off leash but didn't cause any issues. Graffiti all over the pill boxes adds something to look at.