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Dana J. Wright

Product designer, surfer, explorer. Nervous for the day I think I have arrived.

Not by choice so much as by convenience and necessity of getting out into the water as often as possible, this spot just does it for me. I most often hit up boat docks when I have my longboard, but I don't shy away from north side when it's pumping. The break at the river mouth by taco bell is pretty reliable when nothing else is good. And did i mention there is a taco bell on the beach? That pretty much says it all.

This was maybe the longest wave I've ever ridden. I was on my 11ft log which probably helped. I was also not wearing a wetsuit which makes everything more enjoyable. It was a late Sunday afternoon in October.

Easy drive up on the weekend. Plenty of parking and no one really around except a few other site seers. Will hopefully try again on a clearer day.

I was teaching my girlfriends how to surf here and we had a blast. Surfline said 3-4ft, poor to fair. We arrived at about 8AM and it was strait glass with 3-4ft sets coming in about every 6 minutes. Wind started to pick up around 10:30 and we decided to call it. Five star day