Cynthia Sularz

Easy And Beautiful

One of the easiest hikes I have done in Shenandoah. The view is also spectacular. Great cliffs to look over. Trail is very clear.

Amazing But Crowded

Best to visit early if you want to really immerse yourself. The waterfalls make the hike worth it though even in the busiest of seasons.

Easy And Fun

Easy trial. Good for a walk not a hike

Amazing Hike

Really enjoyed this hike! The beginning is pretty steep as is the ending but as long as you take it slow there should be no problems. The views of greenwood lake are wonderful! There are multiple entrances to the surprise lake and thus many places to swim for a little bit. Some of the other people in the area don't give it the respect it deserves for we were surprised by the amount of people smoking and leaving cigarettes by the lake but that was later in the day. Going early in the morning ensures having the whole lake to yourself and friends!

Very Calm

Really nice trail. Nothing crazy. Followed the blue markers with my dog though I do think if the water was higher he might have some trouble jumping the rocks at the start.


Fun and dog friendly. Some of the paths get a by narrow and it's easy to slip when walking down some of the hills in rougher weather but it's always a fun hike.


Wonderful views and an amazing hike. You can also swim in the lakes on the trail. We ended up doing over 12 miles because it's easy to continue exploring. I really want to go back soon.

Nice Waterfall But There Are Better Ones In The Area

The waterfall is fun for a family outing or a group that isn't more experienced with hiking. The entire walk is on a board walk. You cannot swim here which is the worst part. It was disappointing. Then my friends and I drove down the road to Raymondskill waterfalls which is much better. You can swim on the top part of the waterfall and jump off the smaller ones. It really all depends on the experience you want.


Always one of the favorite places to hike. There are different trails for different levels of difficulty. Really enjoyed all the wildlife and have even seen bald eagles in the area. The beach area gets a bit busy in the summer but there are many opportunities to go out and get some alone time with nature.

Fun But Crowded

Really enjoyed it but it was already very crowded in the early spring. Certain parts of the trail have less people but when you get to the rocks it can get very crowded. Still a good time. Really enjoyed hiking alongside the water.