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Lauren Mims

Hi there! My name is Lauren and I'm an adventure storyteller focusing on trips that the average joe can manage. Follow my brand @currentlycolorado for shenanigans.

Highly recommend this tour. Way less crowded than upper/lower Antelope and just as gorgeous! Chris was awesome and played some beautiful music while we explored the slots, making it an even more incredible experience. Definitely recommend!

We weren’t sure if a 3 hour drive for a soak in a hot spring would be worth it during our short trip to Seattle - I’m so glad we did. Not only is hiking through Olympic a life changing experience on its own, these were some of the best hot springs I’ve been to - and that’s a LOT! We went in the fall (oct) and passed maybe 3 people the entire time, had the springs to ourselves. While some pools are tucked away, the ones pictured were the biggest/deepest we could find. So freaking gorgeous. The water is clear, the top pool was hella hot but the lower, deeper one was very comfortable. Definitely want to go again & go camping!