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Crystal Sewell

Aspiring National Park Ranger. Backpacker, Hiker. Beer is the best/ Fun is the best! Attempting to spread the stoke. Would love to connect!

Hiking down to Mooney was breathtaking...partly because of the climb down the rickety, rusty ladder that twists and turns through caves and clings to the side of the canyon wall, but mostly because of it's sheer presence and magnitude. The waterfalls demands to be seen. It's both threatening and awe-inspiring. Continuing on down the canyon and you enter a world of lush green vegetation framing a calmer river of emerald and turquoise. It is a must see

It's a bit chilly, but totally worth kicking off your shoes and layers for a dip in the lake. The high salinity helps to make you float:) Also, I always head up the road 25 minutes Southbound 395 towards Mammoth and take a left after the airport at the little Green church into Benton Crossing Rd to relax in Wild Willie's Hot Spring...it's the best way to see the stars of the Long Valley Caldera