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Courtney Deuel

Great Challenging Hike - Moderate Level 6 Hike. Did the wisdom tree hike from the carousel in Griffith Park - 10 miles round trip. Overall a great experience and hike with wonderful views of both the Hollywood hills.

Love this trail! Did the whole Cooper Canyon Loop instead of just the 1 way - totaled about 7 miles for the Loop or about 3.5 one way. Regardless I loved this trail and will probably do it again! Beautiful!

Great place to relax after a long day. Parking can be limited on the weekends and metered during non holidays. Water quality here is better than most Los Angeles beaches. Beautiful all around, definitely recommend!

The great thing about this hike is that it has its own parking lot. Payment for parking is somewhere around $5 for the day. You will hike downhill to the beach where you are able to crawl along the rocks. Not made for children under 5 as it can become slippery and dangerous. Also not made for dogs/animals as they are not allowed on beach/off leash - you will get ticketed. Great place to explore the beach and get your fix of ocean breeze!

This hike starts off downhill as you make your way to a small turnout which overlooks the ocean. After this, you can either continue further down or turn and go back up. Parking is limited due to permitted residence and is crowded on the weekends. Suggestion: do this on a weekday morning - less people=more parking.