Swim at Cataratas Llanos de Cortez

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Easy Parking
Family Friendly
Swimming Hole

A magical little haven, the Llanos de Cortez waterfall is perfect for swimming and relaxing - or a bit more thrilling journey behind the rushing falls.

There's a long dirt road down to these falls, past a few restaurant options - we used the restroom at one before heading down the road, which opens up into a large parking lot. Tip the attendant a bit to keep an eye on your belongings. He only speaks Spanish, and he'll point you in the direction of the path down to the falls.

It's a steep path but nothing ridiculous - fairly well kept. It opens up into a beautiful area of still water holes and, of course, the main attraction. Llanos de Cortez are big and beautiful, perhaps what you think of when picturing a stereotypical waterfall. We opted to pack lunches and eat on the beach - next to quite a large lizard, I may add.

You can try to swim right up to the falls and climb over that way, but it's quite slippery, so we took the long way around and navigated the rocky path on along the right until we were climbing under the falls. It's incredibly scenic to look at the surroundings from behind the waterfall. We grabbed a GoPro and took some cool shots before jumping into the water from behind the falls. It's slippery but doable - just make sure you're not going headfirst.

Pack List

  • Swimsuit
  • Waterproof camera
  • Snacks
  • Decent footwear
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