Colton Todd

Easy Hike, Great Views

This is a great hike for any first time backpackers. The RT distance is noted as 9 miles, and I'm sure it could be, but once you make the initial ascend to the top of the ridge, the best views to be found are already there; therefore, we only ended up packing about 4.5 miles RT. That being said, we stopped there for a reason - the views were amazing! We went this past weekend (May 19th) and there was a storm passing through all night that prevented us from seeing the stars, but we definitely got plenty views of the Collegiate Peaks. We will more than likely be going back later this summer with the hopes of having clear skies for some stargazing. Also, there is plenty of room at the top of the ridge, so feel free to bring as many people that can take the quick 1000'+/- initial ascend.