Cliff Jump at Green Mountain Reservoir

Silverthorne, Colorado

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Added by Erin VanProoyen

Great spot for a day or overnight trip. About 45 minutes north of Silverthorn and an hour from Breckenridge! 

Very easy to get to, it's only about three turns. Coming from I-70, you will head towards the target in Silverthorn and just keep driving until you reach Heeney Road, continue on that road until you reach the dam, and cross the dam and the jump spot is right on the other side. Park right on the side of the road there is more than enough space for several cars! There is limited cell phone service and only one inn/restaurant that has some food so make sure you come prepared. As you are driving along the reservoir there are several campgrounds but the nearest one to the jump spot is called Elliot Creek Campground, great spot with some pretty sweet views of the reservoir! There are three spots you can jump from, ones about 5 foot drop, next is about 20 foot drop, and the big one is around 50 feet! Water's a little cold but it's worth it!

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Easy Parking
Cliff Jumping


Matt, The fact of the matter is some young man who was inexperienced at what he was doing died due to his own stupidity. The cliffs at this location are safe, The water is plenty deep enough. The problem lies with those whom are inexperienced at cliff diving and thus shouldn't be jumping from the upper most spot at this location. There are plenty of other places at this location that are better suited for beginner and intermediate divers. Yes it is unfortunate a young man died here, but who's to blame? Nobody but himself... A very large group of us have been going to Green Mtn for well over a decade and a half and have always gone to the cliffs to dive while there on our visit. This year because of this incident they have closed the cliffs, posted signage, and a sherrif spent a good portion of each of his shifts babysitting the area when I'm sure there was better things he could of and should of been doing. To be honest those of us whom are responsible, don't go diving alone, and know our limits are now made to do without the attraction we once enjoyed because someone else was careless? My condolences go out to the young man and his next of kin, but do you think this young man would want these cliffs that have been a local attraction since the reservoir was filled closed because he made a mistake? i bet you if he were here today to weigh in on the subject he would be upset that they have closed off this area. More people have died on the road that leads to this reservoir than have died at these cliffs. Should we close the road next? Preposterous and a big to do over nothing, people die every day rock climbing, surfing, kayaking.... should we close all the mountains, beaches, lakes and rivers? I think you get the point. But will those whom petitioned to close this area off get it or will they continue to fight for a permanent closure out of shear selfishness. Who the hell are they to determine my well being? If you visit Green Mtn. Reservoir do us all a favor on your next visit. Give the proverbial bird to those that have closed this spot and go for a dive anyways. Cliff diving is so much more exciting when you know some pencil pushing bureaucrat says its off limits. See ya next year

Do not use these cliffs for jumping. There have been multiple injuries and rescues including a death in July. This article needs to be removed.

Apparently there are low spots. He was seen jumping from a high point, 27 years old, and dead.

Safe and fun cliff jumping. The 5 and 20 foot is perfect.

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