Hike the Bellvue Dome

1.75 Miles Round Trip - 600 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

Bellvue Dome - Search Nearby - Added by Josiah Roe

Gorgeous views up and down the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, from Greyrock Mountain to Boulder, all while overlooking the Cache la Poudre River some 600 foot below.

The Bellvue Dome, known locally as "Goat Hill", was created by the same geological forces that made the Rocky Mountains, but what makes this structure unique is its shape, the steep cliff on its western edge carved by the Cache la Poudre River at the base, and its prominent location dominating the skyline just north of Fort Collins along Highway 287. 

Despite this, the Dome is rarely if ever climbed, largely because it is almost completely surrounded by private land, even though the majority of it the Dome itself is public and owned/managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

To gain access from the East you must receive permission from a property owner on the east side of the Dome or the City of Fort Collins for access along the utility access road. To approach from the west up the bluffs you should receive permission from the Colorado Division of Wildlife who maintains the large trout hatchery below.

To reach the base of the Dome take Highway 287 to old Highway 287 B, just north of the Dome. Head south on 287 B and take your first right on North County Road 23E. Park along the road here, as your first right is access road / easement.

If you've received permission, walk up the road until you see the remains of an old concrete water tank on your left. At this point leave the road and head right and up the ridgeline till you gain the main ridge of the Dome. There are several obvious use trails. Follow the main ridgeline till you gain the summit, where you'll find a Colorado Geological Survey marker.

Be sure to come back down the way you came so you do not accidentally trespass on land you have not received permission to cross.

Be respectful of the land owners at the beginning of the road and do not cross any of the fences into the City of Fort Collins water storage facility as this is (obviously) off-limits to the public.




1.75 Miles
600 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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Jodi Wieck

almost 3 years ago

Information for this hike is misleading

Sorry, but access to the BLM land (located only on top of the hill) is not accessible anywhere on the east side of goat hill. The easement mentioned in the description is a utility easement only and is not for the public. The driveway is private property and you cannot access public land without crossing private property. This is true for the entire eastern side of the hill. Please be aware that the information listed for this hike is incorrect and without property owners permission, you would be trespassing.

Brian M

almost 3 years ago

Incorrect Information and Private Property

Hello, please do not follow these instructions on here. Ms. Wieck is correct. Access here is all private property and only the utility company has access to maintain it's infrastructure. Josiah Roe used a false story to gain access at this location (I was there) and should not be passing on this information on a board like this that will put people in a situation where they could be breaking the law. Please read all signs and it will be clear that this whole east side is private property. For someone that says they need to respect the lands and laws, he is certainly not following what he preaches.