Buena Vista, Colorado

Backpack to Lake Ann

3.8 Miles Total - Out-and-Back Trail

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Enjoy a beautifully colored alpine lake surrounded by high, rugged peaks. This trip will not only inspire, but allow you to take a step back and enjoy the hidden beauty that’s offered to us by Mother Nature.

Lake Ann is located in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness between Leadville and Buena Vista and is surrounded by breathtakingly tall, rocky peaks. The trek is 7.6 miles round trip with 1,251 ft elevation gain. 

To get there you need to get on Hwy 390, a well marked road with a sign and is south of Twin Lakes heading to Buena Vista. You will pass through the ghost town of Winfield, an old mining town, and then you can either park or continue on the 4X4 road. If you have any high clearance vehicle you should be fine to continue because the alternative is to walk the extra two miles to the trailhead. It isn't a very technical drive, but it's a bumpy ride for sure. Lots of steeper holes and a few stream crossings. There is a parking lot at the end of this road as well and that's where you can start your adventure. It can get really crowded because it is the same parking lot used to hike Huron Peak, one of Colorado's many 14ers, so don't worry it doesn't get crowded at the lake. 

The trailhead is very clearly marked so just follow the signs so Lake Ann. At 1.6 miles you will come across a fork and there will be a sign that clearly states that Lake Ann is to the right and the Apostle Basin is to the left. Go right to Lake Ann. The Apostles are the three peaks that dominate the view and you can see two of them from the lake as well as Huron. From this point on it is a moderate uphill hike until you come to a small waterfall at 3.2 miles. The trail crosses the creek right below it so if you decide to do this trek in the spring or during high runoff years the water could be moving faster. I did this hike in late July and had no problems. After this small waterfall the trail climbs a steep ridge until you break out over the trees and come to another fork. Go left to the lake and if you go right you will head to the top of the pass on the Continental Divide. Amazing views up there and would recommend it as a day hike. There is fishing at the lake although I did not personally fish.

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