Great Pit-Stop

We stopped here for a quick hike. There are hundreds of ruins in the area but this is the only hike you can get up close to them. Probably would not go too far out of the way for this, but definitely worth it if you're passing through the area. We were in and out of the park in less than an hour.

Great Hike

Nice hike with great views from the top. Saw a rattlesnake on the trail, so be careful!

No Swimming Allowed

Pretty area, but not a whole lot to do

Kayaked in

My brother and I kayaked the Animas River down to where you would get off the train, hid our kayaks in the bushes, and climbed the three 14ers from there. Woke up to Mountain Goats all around, and saw a bear on the way back down. Awesome trip, but don't recommend kayaking unless you are a serious boater. Packed all food and gear in our kayaks.

Amazing Canyon

Went about 3 miles up the river near Fern Canyon and stayed the night.

Go a Day After it Rains

Fun west Texas outing. Best time to go is after it rains because the discs seem to slide a bit faster, and you can build sand castles!