Colben Freeman

Hiking. Backpacking. Traveler. I mostly just travel around the South East. I'm hoping to venture out more soon.

Not Much Of A Hike But Two Great Falls

First of all, did everyone else just miss the second water fall or just forget to tell us about it?! If you follow the creek away from the bottom of the falls it meets another small creek with a second waterfall about the same size as the first. It’s maybe 100 yards to the second one. It was a nice surprise when I walked up on it while walking around the area. Now I’ll review the hike though. This isn’t as much of a hike as it is a gravel road walk. It does look a little sketchy (the I’m not supposed to be here sketchy, not the I might die sketchy) when you park, but it is Wildlife Management Land so it is perfectly okay to be there. I think it is worth the trip just to see the falls but be prepared to scratch and claw your way back up the mountain from the bottom though. It is not recommended to take anyone that can’t pull themselves back up.

Great views

It's not worth a long trip just for the tower, but there is some other trails in very close proximity. There is a great 360 degree view of lake Martin from the top of the tower. It is a short fairly easy hike.