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Claudia Diaz

This was an easy hike, as the description said, but it was very anticlimactic. The labyrinths were not to exciting when we finally found them. Also the directions to quarry trail listed above are VERY confusing. Taking skyline leads you to a different parking lot, you can still make it to the labyrinths this way, but not by taking quarry road and the volcanic trail. We ended up driving around till we found a small parking lot with a portapotty and a sign that said quarry road. We followed the paved road and then followed the volcanic trail all the way to the 6th geological stop. The labyrinths are just past this 6th geological stop. (I did not walk through a eucalyptus forest to get to the labyrinths, but I did see them across the way. I was very confused by this since the description said I'd walk through them but I was no where near them.)The labyrinths were cool to see for a one time deal but I would not go back just to see them again. But I will say that sibley is a beautiful hiking area and good for families and dogs!

I did this hike this morning and even though it was overcast and foggy it was still incredibly beautiful. We were walking right along the coast and could see the beach which was amazing. We did miss the turn off for the Alamere falls tail and had to turn back. We took the coast trail all the way down and saw this ominous looking arrow that someone made out of rocks... Well we didn't listen to the arrow and kept walking. Long story short, follow the mysterious arrows made out of rocks! Also the trail down to the falls looked at first as it was going to be very narrow and full of poison oak, but it widened out and was not bad at all. It was not as unkept as I thought it'd be from reading other reviews. Also it was very cold when we got down to the falls by the ocean. I recommended to bring lots of layers! One of my favorite hikes of done!