Christopher Zajac

Former newspaper photojournalist. I left to purse a love of the outdoors and independent storytelling. Available for assignments.

Ragged Mountain is one of the great hikes of CT. Moderate distance and climb to great views. Several trails in the preserve allow you to choose a shorten or long hike. Bring lunch and eat while enjoying the view.

I hiked this a while back. The waterfall was amazing. I took the same direction as you did getting through the steep climb gaining elevation quickly first. That was one of the steepest climbs I had done in a while. Take your time and your get there. The rest of the hike the gradients reasonable. You'll be rewarded when you get to the falls.

Climbing through at the rocks, wading through tidal pools, and watching the waves crash through all the cracks was awesome. It can get crowded. You can return along the upper path from Devil's Bay and get some views down into The Baths. For sailors, there is no dinghy dock, just a line about 30-40 ft off shore to tie onto. Swim to shore. And have something to help you get back in the dinghy. Our first few tries to pull ourselves up over the edge of the dinghy were quite comical.