Hike along the East Palisades Trail

The East Palisades trail is one of the only real hiking trails within Atlanta's perimeter.

512 Saves

Hike the Sweetwater Creek Red Trail

Sweetwater Creek State Park lies just about 20 minutes West of Downtown Atlanta.  An easy drive along I-20 from the large city makes this park a very popular destination, especially on the weekends.

263 Saves

Hike to Helton Creek Falls

Getting to Helton Creek Falls can be a little bit tricky.

243 Saves

Hike the Beech Bottom Trail to Jacks River Falls

Jacks River Falls is one of Georgia's most impressive waterfalls.

236 Saves

Camp at Cape Canaveral National Seashore

What could be better than laying on soft sand, listening to the crashing waves, and gazing at Florida's best sun and stars?  Cape Canaveral National Seashore has 14 primitive campsites, with only two.

215 Saves

Camp at Vogel State Park

Nestled at the foot of Blood Mountain is one of Georgia's most scenic State Parks.

204 Saves

Hike to Emery Creek Falls

The hike to the five waterfalls on the Emery Creek trail is one of the most spectacular hikes in Georgia.

199 Saves

Photograph Mingo Falls

Although it is not much of a hike at just 0.3 miles, it is accessible to people of all fitness levels.  A climb up a series of stairs leads you to a trail overlooking Mingo creek.

195 Saves

Camp at Alexander Springs

Alexander Springs Recreation Area is an incredible natural area that provides something for any adventure seeker to love.

175 Saves

Hike Sitton's Gulch Trail

Hiking Sitton's Gulch is a great option for those who want to get a little more distance than what the 2.1 mile Waterfalls trail has to offer.

142 Saves

Hike through the Econ River Wilderness Area

The Econ River Wilderness Trail is a largely unnoticed section of preserved land, although it is just 1.5 miles away from University of Central Florida and nestled between residential communities.

130 Saves

Camp at Red Top Mountain State Park

Red Top Mountain State Park finds itself just 30 minutes up I-75 from the urban sprawl of Atlanta, and it is surprising how quickly you can forget exactly how close you are to the city with just one .

118 Saves

Backpack the Appalachian Trail from Blood Mountain to Cowrock Mountain

North Georgia is packed with awesome mountain trails, but few boast the beauty and magnitude of the Appalachian Trail.

118 Saves

Hike the East Palisades Trail

The East Palisades trail is one of the only real hiking trails within Atlanta's perimeter.

103 Saves

Take a Sunrise Stroll around Matheson Hammock

Matheson Hammock is a beautiful park in the heart of one of the oldest sections of Miami, just off of Old Culter Road.  This is far off the tourist map which is mostly confined to South Beach.

100 Saves

Hike Ahinga Trail

The Everglades National Park is a superb spot for viewing wading birds and alligators off an easy paved path. There are a number of observation decks along the way, off of the main path.

99 Saves

Swim at Elephant Rocks Beach

Just about 15km west of Denmark, Australia is one of Western Australia’s coolest beaches.  Elephant Rocks is just about 200 yards east of the popular Greens Pool.

94 Saves

Sunrise Hike up Mount Batur

When most people think of Bali, they think about its countless resorts, relaxing spas, or epic waves.

93 Saves

Hike to Twin and Island Lakes

The Twin Lakes trail starts winding through a pine forest, with a couple bridge crossings over crystal clear trout-filled streams.

89 Saves

Paddle to Minnie's Lake

The paddle to Minnie's Lake from Stephen C. Foster State Park covers some of the most beautiful territory in all of the Okefenokee swamp.

84 Saves

Hike the Hogskin Loop to Stripmine Falls

Stripmine Falls is not the biggest waterfall in the area, but it is both beautiful and accessible with just a short and easy out-and-back (or loop) hike.

81 Saves

Hike the Kitching Creek Loop in Jonathan Dickinson SP

Jonathan Dickinson State Park has 3 main trails, the East Loop Trail (9.8 miles), Hobe Mountain Trail (0.4 miles), and the Kitching Creek Loop (7.5 miles).

79 Saves

Hike through Shark Valley

I would like to preface this adventure by saying that if you prefer to bike Shark Valley, please reference Rob Witt's adventure "Bike through Shark Valley".

77 Saves

Explore Tumbling Rock Cave

As Tumbling Rock Cave is a private property owned and controlled by SCCI, a permit is required to access the cave.

77 Saves

Hike the Trahlyta Lake Trail to Trahlyta Falls

Lake Trahlyta in Vogel State Park offers a truly unique combination of natural beauty and opportunity for recreation.

72 Saves

Kayak George H. Sparks Reservoir

Sweetwater Creek State Park has a lot to offer in terms of adventure. One of the best things about this park is its proximity to the city of Atlanta.

68 Saves

Camp at Stephen C. Foster State Park

Stephen C. Foster State Park is a hot spot for Georgia wildlife. The swamps and bodies of water attract alligators, black bears, herons, turtles, and more.

64 Saves

Hike the Bear Hair Gap Trail

Vogel State Park is one of the many beautifully preserved wilderness parks of Northern Georgia.  With a stunning alpine lake and 17 miles of trails, you cannot go wrong.

63 Saves

Climb Pemberton's Climbing Trees

Just outside of the small town of Pemberton in Western Australia are three towering Karri trees that you can climb to to their highest branches.

55 Saves

Paddle the St. Johns River from East Orlando

Paddling along the St. Johns river is the perfect relaxing escape that lets you see the real Florida.  Bring your Kayak, Canoe, or SUP to explore on one of the few rivers worldwide that flows North.

53 Saves

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride over Cappadocia

Hot air balloon rides are super cool pretty much anywhere, but Cappadocia's lunar landscape provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to see bizarre rock formations from a truly unique angle.

53 Saves

Swim with Stingrays at Hamelin Bay

Just 35km South of Margaret River lies one of Western Australia's best natural gems, Hamelin Bay.

52 Saves

Paddle Lake Burton

Lake Burton is, in my opinion, Georgia's most scenic large lake.  It is completely surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and has some of the clearest water in the state.

47 Saves

Hike the James E. Edmond trail to Lookoff Mountain Overlook

Black Rock Mountain State Park is Georgia's highest elevation State Park.  It is adorned with several waterfalls, sweeping overlooks, blooming Rhododendron's, and plenty of miles of trail.

40 Saves

Hike the Arkaquah Trail to Brasstown Bald

The Arkaquah Trail is unique as far as North Georgia trails go for any reasons.  Its elevation gain and distance puts it near the top for most challenging day hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

39 Saves

Hike to Siler Bald from Wayah Gap

The Appalachian Trail does not need a lot of hype beyond its existing legendary status.  However, there are certain parts of it that do stand out as being a little extra special.

38 Saves

Hike the St. Francis Yellow Trail

All of the pictures were taken during the epic collaboration between The Outbound Collective and The North Face in the Basecamp Orlando event.

38 Saves

Hike the Gahuti Trail

Fort Mountain rises prominently from the plateau to the West, serving as the start of the Blue Ridge Mountain range in Georgia.

35 Saves

Bouldering Granite City

At the foot of Blackrock Mountain just outside of Highlands, North Carolina, lies one of the most unique and secluded natural playgrounds around.

35 Saves

Watch the Sunrise at the Deering Estate People's Dock

The Deering Estate is a magnificent and historic property with a home built in 1900.  To see the house and check out its immediate property, you will need to pay to enter the gates.

34 Saves

Hike to Neer Garh Waterfall

About a mile and a half NE from the Laxman Julla Bridge in Rishikesh lies one of the best natural escapes around.  A series of three stunning waterfalls make up the Neer Garh falls.

22 Saves

Hike the Golden Throne

Capitol Reef National Park is filled with excellent hikes, and the hike to the Golden Throne should not be left out of the conversation.

9 Saves

Hike the Whiteside Mountain Loop

Whiteside Mountain is simply breathtaking, there is no way around it.  Views of the mountain from the South expose its sheer granite face, which runs almost its entire length East-to-West.

9 Saves

Hike the Takesi Trail

The Takesi trail is a 40km section of the Inca trail that covers some of the most diverse landscapes in the region, and has significant pre-columbian history that will keep you engaged the entire tim.

7 Saves

Hike the Appalachian Trail to Preacher's Rock

The hike to Preacher’s Rock along the AT starts at the Woody Gap trailhead.

4 Saves

Hike Chacaltaya

Just a short drive from La Paz, Chacaltaya makes for a perfect short day hike if you are visiting Bolivia’s high altitude capital.

3 Saves

Explore Isla del Sol

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world at 12,507 feet, which is spread across the Bolivian and Peruvian altiplano (high plains).

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