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Chris Hoogewerff

This was perfect! Don't even think of camping at the Kirk Creek Campground (often winds up feeling like a spring break party) Thanks for the tip!

Amazing! Any particular spot along this road where we should pull off? Not seeing anything obvious in map. Just any turnout we can find or something?

This is an amazing setting. And it's so close to SF, I can't believe I hadn't heard of it before! The hike in is easy, and don't be too discouraged by the number of vehicles in the parking lot when you arrive - most seem to stop at Bass Lake, and never hike beyond its reach to find themselves at Alamere Falls. On a nice day, you can find yourself laying on the beach between a waterfall behind you and the waves ahead. Not too shabby, right?

Are camping reservations required here? Or might I be able to just "pop" in and find myself a nice sandy place to sleep...

Trip planned for October! Can't wait...

I'll be going here in October! Any tips for that time of year? Is this trip suited for hammock camping? (I assume I'll have to invest in a good rainfly, unless the mosquitos are too prohibitive)

Nice hike, especially if you're trying to avoid the Muir Woods crowds