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Cat Ekkelboom-WhiteExplorer

Cat is a British ex-pat living in the Alps. She is Europe's leading adventure elopement photographer at Wild Connections Photography, empowering couples to choose adventure and plan a wedding day that celebrates their love of the outdoors.

I have wonderful memories from my youth of driving this with my family, stopping at little villages for pub lunches and sleeping in little B&Bs and farmhouses.

We did this hike in springtime, so the trail was a bit wet and icy in places, but it was one of my favourites. Cerro Torre and Laguna Torre is incredible, with it's floating icebergs and stunning skyline.

We did this hike in spring, just after some snowfall, so we couldn't make it up to the lake, but the hike was still incredible. The views of Fitz Roy are stunning as you get closer to the base.

The view of the Fitz Roy range from the road is one of the best places to photograph this incredible mountain range.

We did this hike in spring, so the lake was frozen and we needed microspikes for the final steep section up to the top. But still, it didn't disappoint.

Even though there was a lot of fresh snow when we did our hike, we loved the experience of hiking on the glacier. Seeing the deep colors of blue in the ice, the pools of meltwater and the crevasses was an awesome experience.

The Perito Moreno glacier is absolutely breathtaking and is an absolute must-see. You can spend a whole day walking all of the boardwalks from the car park to the glacier and photographing it from different points. It's definitely worth being patient and just waiting in some spots for a while in the hope that you'll capture some of the ice breaking off and crashing into the water.

Yes, seeing Venice from a gondola is one of the "must do" attractions. But it also comes with a crazy price tag. And actually, my favourite way to see Venice is just to get lost wandering around all of the little streets. But if you simply must ride in a goldola but you're on a budget, then take a traghetto. These are the gondola passenger boats that ferry people across the canals. You'll know the difference as the drivers wear red and white stripes (instead of the classic black and white). And they only cost a couple of Euros. Sure, the ride is just across from one side of the canal to the other, but you can still say you've been in a traditional Venice gondola.

Don't discount this stunning location in winter too. The view of this small church and farming community from the hillside, with the Odle group mountains in the background is magnificent.

This little chapel in the Funes valley is incredibly beautiful, and a wonderful place to photograph if you're in the area (which I highly recommend). The last years there are now fences so you can't leave the footpath as more tourists are not respecting the farmers land, but it's still a wonderful spot to visit with the stunning Odle group in the background.

This was, without a doubt my favourite spot in Iceland. The mountain with the waterfalls in the foreground is a photographers dream, and it's so easy to reach.

Great tour and tips! If you come in winter, many of the paths are frozen and it can be dangerous to walk around the waterfalls so bring microspikes to move around safely.

Gulfoss might not be the prettiest, but the roaring from the sheer force of the water crashing down the falls and dropping off into the final canyon at the bottom is breathtaking. We visited in November when things started to freeze and the gound was getting quite slippy. One tip I have for visiting in winter - take microspikes so you can easily walk around the waterfalls.

If the idea of this being a rift between two tectonic plates isn't enough, the landscapes around here are really interesting. Large rocky boulders, babbling brooks, waterfalls, a geothermal spa. And if you're brave enough - scuba diving!

If you're in the city, climb the tower for the best birds-eye view. Yes, you don't come to Iceland for city views. But it's a pretty unique city and I loved all the colours. It felt a little bit like looking down on Legoland (and yes, I know that's Danish) but if you look at the pictures, you'll know what I mean).

Great hike when you want to visit a waterfall that's a little less crowded. We did this hike in November when things were just starting to freeze. One tip I have for visiting in winter - take microspikes so you can easily walk around the waterfalls.

We loved visiting this in winter. We came in November and there were so fewer tourists which was awesome as it gave us the chance to get photos without loads of other people in them. One tip I have for visiting in winter - take microspikes so you can easily walk around the waterfalls.

I LOVED this hike but a little disappointed to find it now costs 200DKK per person (since April 2019) to hike this trail.

The Faroe Islands might not be known for its waterfalls but this is a great little hike. We did it in 2017 and the path was a little hard to find in places, but it was well worth it. I'd definitely recommend wearing good, sturdy boots as the trail at the bottom of the falls can get quite slippy with the spray. from the waterfall

Saksun is a picturesque place that should be on your list of places to visit when you visit the Faroe Islands. But please stick to the official marked trails and respect private property as when I was there last time, the locals told me how they are getting very tired of people stepping over fences for photos.

Slieve League cliffs are incredible. I definitely preferred them over the Cliffs of Moher. Fewer tourists and an amazing clifftop walk with epic views.

The Cliffs of Moher are an absolutely incredible sight. But the Irish weather can be unpredictable, so I recommend staying in Doolin for a couple of days to give yourselves the best chances of seeing them. If it's foggy or windy, take extra care, and respect leave no trace when hiking the path.

Amsterdam is an incredible city, and one of the best ways to see it is definitely from the water. You'll see the city from a whole new perspective.

A don't usually love places that are so touristy, but I must admit, I really loved visiting the Keukenhof. You can't help but enjoy wandering around all the flowers, being surrounded by so much colour, and not feel happy.