Carlo Alcos

about 3 years ago

Gnarly access to the trailhead

I think it's worth pointing out that after the right turn 7km past the first turn (as other commenters have pointed out) it's another 5-6 kms to the trailhead (so about 13-14 kms in total from the highway turn off)...and shortly before the trailhead there's one more fork that can be confusing. One road goes to the right and starts downhill, the other goes to the left and climbs further. Stay left. I was there late September 2017...there were three vehicles parked just below the actual parking lot because the road becomes almost impassable unless you have a serious offroad vehicle. I was able to squeeze behind a vehicle pulled off to the side as much as possible, with just enough room for vehicles to go by...but it would be a challenge to find somewhere to park if more than a handful of vehicles were there. The road was a lot gnarlier than I expected...I did see an older model Subaru Outback there but I imagine it bottomed out a couple times getting there. It's a beautiful and very steep hike; hiking poles wouldn't be a bad idea...