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Nestled within the McGregor Mountain Range is the breathtaking Evanoff Provincial Park. Home to Fang Mountain which is abundant with rolling alpine meadows, stunning views in every direction along with a vast network of world class caves. 

The trailhead to Fang Mountain is just after the 41km mark on Pass Lake Road off on an old logging road to the south (Note: There is no sign for the trailhead). From the parking lot the trail first crosses a small creek and begins to gradually ascend through a dense cedar forest eventually opening up into a boulder chute from an eastern peak. The trail grade begins to increase and hikers should exercise caution while maneuvering the boulders as some of the rocks may be loose and pose a tripping hazard.

The trail continues to grow steeper leading up a gully and eventually flattening out around the 2.5km mark where the first of the park’s caves can be found directly off the path. After another 50m the trail overlooks a small creek which flows into the largest and most accessible cave in the region. This cave, which can be accessed by descending the path down the rock face, burrows kilometers below the earth’s surface and is one of the largest caves in Canada. For those who intend to explore the caves ensure you bring proper equipment and have prior caving experience as area is hazardous.

From the caves the trail continues up through a loosely forested area eventually opening up to alpine meadows with spectacular views in every direction. Once the alpine meadows are reached there is no clearly marked path and hikers can branch off in any direction to reach the several peaks encompassing the park along with the two lakes up creek from the caves. The summit is located at the 5.8km mark and overlooks the surrounding beauty of the McGregor mountains. 

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